London Brass Polishing & Cleaning Services

Get the golden shine back on your shopfront

Brass fixtures and fittings add elegance and sophistication to the shopfront window frames, as well as private homes around London. And they look amazing, but only when they’re looked after properly.

Over time, brass can tarnish and lose its shine, becoming dull. At WeDo Property Services, we offer brass cleaning and brass polishing services that will restore yours to its former glory. We can work with other metals too, including bronze and stainless steel.

Brass cleaning and polishing services for shopfronts and private homes in London

Give your shopfront a facelift

So many shopfronts around our city use brass, but it does need regular maintenance. Our expert brass clean and polishing makes such an impact on your shopfront, instantly lifting your curb appeal.

Take away the tarnish

We have years of experience cleaning and polishing brass, in shops, department stores and in private homes. We’re experts at removing stubborn tarnish and restoring the natural lustre. But it’s easy to overdo it. So we use specialised brass cleaning techniques to ensure that your brass is not damaged during the cleaning process. We combine a special cleaning solution with gentle brushing techniques to remove dirt, grime and accumulated tarnish without damaging the brass surface. It’ll be back to a mirror shine in no time.


Do you provide your Brass Cleaning & Polishing Services near me?

Based in London, WeDo Property Services are proud to be able to offer all our professional cleaning and property services including our brass polishing and cleaning services throughout London and surrounding areas.

Visit our ‘Areas We Cover’ page to see if we cover your local area and then get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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